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Jeffrey Brezovar, the father of the young celebrity, Milo Manheim, is a former model with very less information available about his personal life and professional struggle.

Personal Life:

Jeffrey Brezovar has managed to maintain his life as a big mystery throughout, therefore there is no much information about his life available. The male model gained huge popularity when he started dating a handsome American architect and television personality, Nathan Jay Berkus aka Nate Berkus, in 2006. Berkus previously dated Fernando Bengoechea, who died because of drowning in the Indian Ocean at Sri Lanka, during 2004’s tsunami. Jeffrey Brezovar dated Berkus for a short period.

Camry Manheim is an important name in another important name in the life of the gay model. Manheim is an American actress who gained popularity after she did the role of Delia Banks in Ghost Whisperer. The female actress always had a dream to have a child of her own before stepping into her 40s. But due to unknown reasons, she was never seen to connect romantically with anyone. Not with many of his co-stars or anyone else. Jeffrey Brezovar and Camry Manheim share a very strong bond and have seen to be very supportive of each other’s life. It was Brezovar who, to fulfill his friend’s biggest wish in life, decided to step-up and donated his sperms so that she could give birth to a child of her own.

In 2001, Camry Manheim gave birth to a baby boy, Milo Manheim. For years, she has tried to hide from the world about her child’s gay father, but the rumors were in the air since ever. As soon as people got to know about her pregnancy curious investigations started about who might be the father as Manheim had not seen to be dating anyone. Evidence pointed towards the fact that Milo Manheim is the son of the gay father, but his other, too embraced or protective towards her child’s identity, kept hiding the secret from the world.

Recently in the Dancing with the Stars season 27 finale, when Milo Manheim was performing for the competition, the rumors got confirmed. Milo Manheim feels no shame and is, in fact, proud of his father and openly accepts the fact.

Jeffrey Brezovar Net Worth

Though the net worth of the American gay model is unknown, his son has made quite a name in his career. Milo Manheim is reported to have a net worth of about $5 million which is not less for a young actor.


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